Dental Implants

Teeth can often be lost by dental disease such as toothache or gum disease, following trauma to the teeth or jaw and surgery to the jaw or mouth following cancer treatments.

Treatment of the teeth, jaws and mouth require placement of dentures (false teeth), fixed prosthesis such as a bridge and now more commonly implants with retained prosthesis.

Rehabilitation of the mouth can restore the oral facial form and function and improve the patients ability with eating, chewing, speaking and psychological wellbeing.

Mr Kumar, in close collaboration with specialist restorative dentists, regularly sees and treats patients for dental implants. .

Anatomy Of Implant
A Implant Supporting A Denture
2 Missing Teeth
The First Implant Placed
2 Implants Placed
2 Implant Supported Crowns
A Missing Front Tooth
An Implant Placed
An Abutment On The Implant
An Implant With A Crown
A Traditional Bridge Replacing A Missing Tooth
A Lower Implant Frame To Support A Denture
A Upper Implant Frame To Support A Denture
A Smile With Implant Supported Dentures
Implant Retained Dentures