Neck Lumps

Lumps and bumps on the neck are quite common. These can be due to inflammatory conditions, such as infections or tumours, related to salivary glands or cystic lesions within the tissues of the neck or more commonly, related to enlarged, lymph nodes through infections such as glandular fever.

Initial investigation into the cause of lumps and bumps in the neck involves clinical examination of the lump itself and its relation to adjacent structures, such as muscles or blood vessels. Usually a form of imaging is required, commonly an ultrasound scan of the neck, but MRI and CT scans are also utilised. In some cases, a needle biopsy of the lump may be required for advanced diagnosis.

Mr Kumar regularly manages head and neck lumps and works with a team of doctors who carry out specialist diagnosis and treatment.

A Thyroid Tumour
A Tumour Of A Salivary Gland
A Tumour Of Nerve Sheath
An Infected Cyst
An Infected Salivary Gland
An Inflammatory Lump